Snowman Cake Pops

PicMonkey Collage snowman

It’s almost Christmas and my oven has been busily working away turning out tons of goodies to celebrate the holidays! These super cute snowman cake pops are also super easy to make. Get your kids to help they will have fun making the cake balls. My kids say “Its like play dough you can eat”! Too Start you will need to gather up a few things.

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You will need oil, shortening, cake mix of your choice but I used a holiday velvet in green and red just for fun! You will also need frosting and since we have snowmen I picked up some peppermint icing. Powdered sugar, red food coloring, milk, eggs, a bag white melting chocolates, I used Wilton brand, but you can use what you like, cake pop sticks, a wide mouth mason jar, candy snowman cake decorators, snow flake marshmallows, a cake decorators icing bag, and two 8′ round cake pans or the cake pop pan. 

snman3Now that you have your cake mix made up and ready to go lets talk cake pans.You can buy a cake pop pan or you can use a regular cake pan the suggested size of your cake mix. The specialty cake pan speeds up the process and I recommend using one from Wilton. I have never had a bad experience with their products but making the cake balls yourself gives you the added benefit of adding extra flavor to your pops and it lets you mold them too. So choose your method and proceed to step three!


Now bake your cake according to the box directions or those found on the insert of your specialty pan. And wait or if you are like me rush to read next step to prepare for your freshly baked treats.

PicMonkey Collagesnman6

Remove cake from oven and set aside to cool. If you used the cake pop pan remove them from pan and place in freezer till chilled. If you used a regular cake pan set aside let cool and then crumble it into fine cake crumbs. Normally you would then mix 1/3 of your icing into the cake crumbs but it is best to add the icing a tablespoon at a time. The idea is to just moisten them so that the crumbs will mold into a ball. You don’t want to moisten too much because it wont taste good or hold up to decorating. Shape all your crumbs into balls 1″ in diameter and line them up on a baking sheet. When you have finished making all the balls place them in freezer to chill. 

PicMonkey Collagesnman7

While the cake balls are chilling get out your pop sticks, decorators icing bags, candy snowmen, candy melts, and marshmallows. Make your decorators icing using the recipe below . Cut your snow flake marshmallows in half . The stands for your cake pops are simply empty sprinkle bottles with the holes in the top for the sprinkles to shake out through. I took some wrapping paper and taped it around the bottles. To melt the chocolate place a wide mouth mason jar in a sauce pan with boiling water. Pour half the bag of candy melts into the jar and stir as it melts. Your chocolate will stay soft while you work. Set all these on the counter  and get your cake balls from the freezer.

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Take a stick and dip it 1/2 ” into melted chocolate and then put it into one of your cake balls. Now turn it completely upside down and dip into melted chocolate till the top half of the ball is covered. Gently twist and pull straight back up and turn to get excess chocolate off and form a gentle peak. Take care not to shake the cake pop. When you are satisfied with the amount of chocolate is on your pop set it into one of the holes in the top of the sprinkle shaker stand.

PicMonkey Collagesnman9

. Next place your red decorators icing in the icing bag and snip a small hole in the tip of the bag. Just enough to let the icing drip out in a narrow line. Press icing all the way through to the end of the icing bag and be sure there is no air trapped in the bag or you will have a break in the flow of icing while your working and it will break the design. Now holding pop in one hand and icing in the other, hold tip of bag 1/4 inch from the pop. Starting at the peak of the hardened  candy coat gently apply pressure to the icing bag and allow the icing to form a strand that will lay in a spiral configuration on the pop. As you squeeze out the icing turn the pop to form the spiraling pattern. Turn pop on its side as you get near to the bottom side to continue wrapping your icing.

PicMonkey Collagesnman10

  Next dip a candy snowman into the jar of chocolate and press it gently on the top of the cake. Let it set to cool to a hard candy coat.Now, the snowflake marshmallow that you cut in half you can put back together by placing the halves on either side of the pop stick and pressing sticky sides together. I tried pushing stick through them but it mashes them up and you can’t tell what they are anymore. Mix them up. Make some of them with snowmen and some without. Arrange them in your shakers and set out on the desert table.

PicMonkey Collagesnman11

                     Hope you enjoyed this project and will come up with lots of your own great cake pop creations!

I referred a lot to Wilton Cake Design products. I do not sell their product nor am I affiliated in any way or receive payment for using or suggesting their product. These are my personal preference and have never been disappointed by their performance.

PicMonkey Collage snowman


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