Pumpkin Choco Muffins with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh, I am having too much fun in my kitchen! I wanted to make something special for kids for breakfast in the morning so I started going through my pantry. I came up with a can of pumpkin and a bottle of maple flavoring, cream cheese and chocolate chips. So after arranging these items on the counter a stroke of genius hit me! I am right now in my happy oven baking up a batch of pumpkin choco muffins with a maple cream cheese icing topped of with festive sprinkles! All I can say is my house is smelling really yummy right now!

1pumpkin muffinsSadly my camera has given out on me and my cell phone simply does not do justice to these tasty bites!

PicMonkey Collagepumpkinmuffin

I just realized too late that there is a typo in my text. Please pour the batter into the pan of your choice because I promise there is nothing poor about these lovelies! I hope you have as much fun making these as I did. By the way, I think that if I could have my dream kitchen it would feature a wall just like this board!


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