What’s Ahead on Music City Kids

 Thank you to everyone who has been following us since we first took on this project. Your support has encouraged us to continue looking for great adventures in Nashville and sharing them with you. In the coming weeks and holidays around the corner we will not be going on  excursions till we get closer to Christmas. Holidays are about spending time with family and as you have probably noticed from the title of this blog we think family time spent together is pretty important. During this time of hustle and bustle we will share instead recipes you can make together, arts and crafts to celebrate the season, Stories and more. Learn how to make festive cake pop ornaments that taste yummy too. Or perhaps you are a marshmallow type of person. That’s ok because we have some cheerful chocolate dipped marshmallow snowmen you will want to meet! Bite size Pumpkin Choco Cupcake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing and Mini Pumpkin Cheese Cakes with Pomegranate Sauce and Pecan Maple Butter Cookies For Chanukah are just some of the treats we will be dishing up. Entertain your creative side with some of our fun holiday crafts.Use them to decorate your own house or give them as gifts. We have lots to share as we celebrate some firsts in our new hometown. Won’t you join us…I know you will! See you back here soon.


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