To Trick or Treat or Not

  The weather played its own trick on us this Halloween. We had planned to take the kids out for their first trick or treat in Nashville but the mayor asked that everyone postpone their activities till the day after due to tornado watches in much of the state. We did not get the tornado but the wind and the rain was not much fun. We took them to the Opry Mills mall for the festivities they had planned but it was so packed and the treats we had gone after were all gone in the first 30 minuets. But this was our first visit to Opry Mills and were not aware of the many other treats that it had to offer. Like a carousel ride and train rides or the children’s play area. Rainforest Cafe, with its friendly animals, full menu, and gift shop offer up treats for everyone.Then there is the Tennessee Aquarium where you can dine under the sea with every sort of under water creature you can think of. They also have a gift shop and extra events for you to attend. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience you will want to visit Opry Mills.

 The following night we visited the links near Belle Meed for some trick or treating fun. We buckled the kids  into the car, hid their costumes in the trunk, and set the GPS. We were off! Again Nashville surprised us. We arrived at Windsor and pulled off on the curb with a line of other cars. There were kids everywhere! The houses were all decorated and around every corner there were spooky ghosts and creepy monsters lurking about. They even had an inflatable cemetary for the kids to play in, but beware it is guarded by an evil creature that wants to keep you prisoner. We will  definitely be doing this again next year! Here are some of the pictures from our adventure. Enjoy!


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