What are some of your favorite fall memories?

october by robert frost

  The mornings have become cooler and the leaves are just beginning to change, but the days are still pretty warm. It’s hard to remember we are actually just a few weeks from Halloween festivities with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah not far behind. Fall brings so much excitement with it. I remember spending fall afternoons raking leaves with my dad. He would rake them up on a huge tarp and then drag me and my brother across the yard in the pile of leaves. I love the way the air smells, crisp and clear, and the leaves falling all around. You smell them too. They have a strange cool, earthy, sweetness to them. The whole family would jump in the car and Mom would pack sandwiches so we could go leaf peaking. That phrase always made me laugh when I was younger and I would tease with my brothers if they ever wondered if the trees knew we were “peaking” at them. They would chuckle back and we would grab another sandwich as Dad turned round another bend to reveal more spectacular colors. It was like watching Nature’s version of fire works display. Shades of Red, yellow, brown and green in brilliant display across a clear, crisp, blue, sky. Then there was picking the perfect pumpkin to carve out and trying to decide on the best ever Halloween costume. It had to out do the year before. Mom would help us with our costumes and she would paint our faces to help finish off our clever disguises. I found some old photos of some of the costumes she did with us below. Some of them are me and my brothers and some are friends. Some of the photos are old so they may not show so well, sorry. But if you would like to see more of her work let me know and I can help you with that. I loved everything about fall and I love making new memories with my boys. Do you have special memories or a family tradition you would like to share? Tell us about it.

*please do not use any of these photos without permission. These are personal artwork of their creator. Feel free to contact me for information about these @ weiscreations@gmail.com. Thank you!

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