Scrapbooking for School

My America Notebook 1st Grade

  We have had problems with our internet so could not post anything new for you but it has given us time to work on pages for our notebooks to share with you. We have started several books but here are some ideas for history to help get your own creative juices flowing. The kids are learning so much this year in history and we have had a lot of fun making our notebooks. They have learned about the flag and it’s creation, American symbols, What it means to be a free country, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and our first president. Here are the pages and some study ideas for the flag.

CAM00478  We cut out our background paper to fit the cover of  our folder. Then cut out a printed field of blue with the fifty stars, and six white and seven red strips to glue down as the stripes on the flag. We didn’t use the white ones in this version because Kalob wanted to make the stripes look like the flag was waiving in the wind. It worked for us because he used a white background. To make the flag have that blowing in the air look we glued only the ends of our red stripes on the paper so that the middles are bowed out as if being blown. By the time we had made the cover of the book Kalob knew  what the colors of the flag represented, how many stars are on it and what they represent, and the number of each of the colored stripes and what they represent. How is that for simple fun fast study!CAM00493

  Moving on here are some sample pages of his studies thus far. I will add to these as we go along with some lesson plans so you can best use the pages yourself or make up your own pages that fit in with your studies. First we read of course from his text-book and then we watched this great video and got to hear all about Miss Betsy Ross and the making of our nations first flag from who else but Betsy Ross herself. You can watch it here at . If the link does not work you can search youtube under Betsy

English: Frontside of the Betsy Ross House in ...

Ross House. Another great video you may like is a virtual tour of her actual house and shop in Philadelphia today. You can watch it at . For this page I let him get all hands on by drawing Miss Ross and tracing a five-pointed cookie cutter with glue and sprinkling glitter over the glue. Next I had him tell me what he could remember about the key points in the story and wrote them in for him. For the thirteen stars in a circle we used the shiny sticker stars and wrote about their meaning inside the circle.

  This photo is not helping, but we used card stock to create a Pledge Allegiance page. The word tiles, though it will not show up in my pictures, breaks down each of the statements into bite size snippets that we then discussed the meaning of. After reading and discussing, I jumbled up the tiles and had him reconstruct and glue down from memory the Pledge Allegiance. He found these great Uncle Sam hat stamps in a closet and wanted to use them to decorate his page. So how did we break down the Pledge and explain them? I took it from his history text-book and it goes like this:

I pledge allegiance I promise to stand up and be true.

to the flag of the United States of America to my flag and my country

And to the Republic for which it stands,and to the people that this country was created for,

one nation under God, one country blessed by God,

indivisible, which should not be divided,

with libertywith freedom

and justiceand fairness

for all.for every person.

  Next time, and I promise not to make you wait as long, I will show you what we did for the symbols of America. We covered the Washington Memorial, the Great Seal, the American eagle, the Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam, and the Statue of Liberty.

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