Bicentennial Mall Park Water Fountains

English: Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park ...
English: Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park railroad trestle, used since 1859. Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Français : Pont ferroviaire de 1859 utilisé comme promenade dans le Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Nashville, Tennessee (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  We spent the day with the kids out at the Fountains today. The Bicentennial Mall State Park has so much to offer. It is a beautiful park set across the street from the state capital building. It is also home to the farmers market. The fountains are fun for the kids on a hot day and a great way for Mom and Dad to relax a bit too. We bring a picnic and just let the kids run in the 37 fountains. Each fountain represents one of the 37 rivers flowing through TN. There is also a great visitor center at the park with information to help you explore the park. The front lawn includes a huge map of the state of TN. You can stroll from one end to the other and visit every county and find your way across this great state. Kalob was excited to find Nashville on the map. There is also a huge stone compass and several other informative stations on the lawn. Directly across the street you can see the state capital building. Back at the fountains you will find the TN state flag displayed on both ends of the 37 fountains and a long wall runs behind them all. There are several quotes by notable Tennesseans written on it along with some interesting facts.This park is so beautiful and relaxing and rich in history. It is well worth a peek.

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