Nashville’s Farmers Market

  Nothing says summer time like a visit to the farmers market. Surrounded by the aroma of fresh locally grown produce and prepared foods its hard to stick to my shopping list. A visit to the Nashville Farmers Market is something my whole family can enjoy. The market sits next to the bicentennial Park just North of downtown. There is so much to see and do that we couldn’t fit it all in on just one post! You can really make a whole day of just  the market without the extra attractions that the park has to offer but you would be missing out on some of the best of what  Nashville has to offer.

  My kids love to go and pick out their own fruits and veggies for snacks during the week and we have turned it into a game. My oldest son is learning math skills while figuring out how much his five pounds of apples will cost and then to compare the prices from vendor to vendor to get the best value for his money. It’s like word problems, but without the tears and blank stairs! My youngest plays a game where he has to find the color of the items on my list. I might say something like ” We need a green cucumber. Can you find something green for Mommy? ” Or we look for alphabet letters and sounds in the produce,So for this game  I may need some bananas after we would find them we say the name of the letter B and it’s sound in the word banana. It keeps the kids from getting bored and keeps me to my shopping list. It’s really easy for me to get distracted at the farmers market. With shopping finished we move on to  lunch at one of several restaurants in the market building and enjoy a quiet break  together then its off for a stroll through the flea market. Here you can find everything from handmade goods and artists to great deals on everyday household items. It all depends on the day you go.There is also a garden center for all your plant needs.

  When we are finished at the market we head over to the  water fountains for the kids to play  on hot, sunny days. Each fountain represents one of the 37 rivers flowing through TN. Sometimes we bring a picnic with us or order something at one of the restaurants to enjoy at the picnic tables. It’s nice and shaded for you and no matter where your kids are running through fountains of water; they are always in easy sight. Whether you have lived here your whole life or you are just planning a trip,Nashville’s Farmers Market is a must see for your family. For driving directions and more info visit

                                                                                       Family Friendliness Ratings

RESTROOMS: Yes. There are restrooms at the entrances and exits for all three market buildings as well as out by the fountains if you plan to visit the fountains. They do seem well maintained.


OTHER TIPS: You may want to bring along a basket or shopping bag to carry your purchases along with you.

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